suzy wolfmouth

Words, music — Evan @ December 6, 2012

Suzy Sudenkita by islaja

It’s touching how that glutton Suzy Wolfmouth craves for meat
not for pillow mountains, not for quilt valleys.

You long for what’s outside the window:
the growing night shadow blankets the view
first a frightening darkness, but soon the eye adjusts
and shades of black come apart

You seldom leave the house during daylight,
you find the crowds harrowing.
You often long to find your match
but is there such a one?
At night you’ve searched the forest’s shadows.
You know he can be found in books
you dream away, fall asleep in word’s embrace.

You long for what’s outside the window:
the growing night shadow blankets the view
first a frightening darkness, but soon the eye adjusts
and shades of black come apart

Concerning Paul Ryan – Vice

Politics, Words — Evan @ August 15, 2012

OK, I know, he denounced Ayn Rand this week, but her writing still clearly informs his worldview. Just like it takes some kids a while to get over the romanticism of Kerouac, I think Ryan is still carrying a torch for Objectivism. For teenagers, Rand is great because she reinforces their belief that their desires are the most important thing in the world, and she pisses off liberal parents with her pro-capitalism and religious ones with her atheism. Sooner or later, most people recognize that she fails to acknowledge moral shades of gray and is also an enormously shit writer (sample line: “She saw the look of the luminous gaiety which transcends the great innocence of a man who has earned the right to be light-hearted.”) and they sort of quit her, or tone it down at least.


Words, dance, video — Evan @ June 11, 2012

BOS in Hyperallergic

Art, Words — Tags: — Evan @ May 31, 2012

“BOS weekend is less Warhol’s Factory in 1967, more Zuccotti Park in 2011.”

from Bushwick Daily…

Art, Words — Tags: — Evan @ March 5, 2012

10 female artists in Bushwick

anne briggs / word the cat

Words, music — Tags: , — Evan @ January 16, 2012

via wordthecat…

Anne Briggs, heavyweight vocalist of the 60s/70s English folk revival sings an acapella rendition of ‘young tambling’, a song about a woman who is ravaged by a mysterious man in the woods and left pregnant. Later, as she ventures out again to the woods to pick a herb which will abort the baby, the man reappears and reveals he has been trapped in the wood by the vicious and capricious queen of elves. However, tonight being Halloween the elfin horde will ride out across the countryside. If the lady can pass a test then she can win the mysterious man’s freedom.


Words — Tags: , , — Evan @ December 6, 2011

So whether you’re riding a bike or eating some steamed vegetables, you better keep your head down and be quiet about it, because here in America it’s a cardinal sin to offend the majority with your sensible behavior.


Words, literature — Tags: , — Evan @ October 21, 2011


on banned books

Words — Tags: — Evan @ October 18, 2011

spirit of the times

Words — Tags: — Evan @ October 5, 2011

This, then, is the spirit of the times. Formulaic music from the 1980s evokes not rage but comparisons to exhibitions at MOMA. Mayonnaise is sold in boutiques. Pretty much everything qualifies as a “culture,” and the members of a “culture” celebrate when someone appropriates their “culture” and sells it back to them. We live in a strange age of intellectual political correctness, where everything is brilliant and nothing is crap, and all creative expression no matter how derivative warrants the same degree of sycophantic fawning.


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