studio with bicycle

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learn chinese through spam

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I received this in my inbox recently…

Hi friend,

We are an international electronics wholesalers and retailers, our sales of computer, television, cell phone, game consoles and other products, we have a very good price and credit, and our products are the real book has to guarantee that if you buy more than items, products you will be presented,

translated through google it reads…

We keep tax assessment Ling Yao Ge gas men are sucking cents an international account lapel choke bow sobbing chant electronics wholesalers burning vegetable grate speed and set food served clams Suo Yang Yi Dian retailers ring succeed, generous welding thin our endangered mussels Lou to every sales of computer flat with Ae Ping Kong, caused Yun Geng television chips, end the cell phone world Ji Yang analysis, King hand game consoles waxy dark orifices this column kang and thieves wipe nine game Huan India expansion products other products operating spider kiss, amnesty damn we have harmonic Qiu Tao Luo Lu a basket of public monument epidemic community very good price must rely on vulgar penalty stingy insurance and credit falling cat salt friendship, alliance and network plug prisoners dirty our products Miao Rui Kai East are even real collapse of the coffin ships turtle book Wei Jian pulp has lice Postscript empty mine evil to guarantee that oil if Saddam Shan Wei Basking you die boat cover buy Carpenter more drugs later than pocket cardigan items Yao Zhu Ding, fart products skeletal Pong you support another new moon will collapse hook spring Chong Keng interference be published trapped hesitate Pavilion John has presented for you wow moth fishy Yao,

Mira Schendel (1919-1988)

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scientific american supplement


great book full of nice engravings, check it on :

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Scientific American Supplement

Gutenberg is a project collecting free copyright books (because their copyright has expired) with nice illustrations…
the perfect ressource for inspiration and graphic design collage …

Epileptic ABC

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