fence and barrier

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charcoal on paper, 11 x 17 inches.

meeting = doodle

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Drawing — Evan @ December 9, 2010

Pierre’s drawing a day.

A wave of new combinations

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The process behind New York based artist Robert Longo his drawings is interesting; though they look like photographs at first, they are actually graphite and charcoal drawings, based off projected photographs. The background disappears and all that is left is the strikingly detailed subject. His large hyper real graphite drawings are so charged with power I am somehow being mesmerised by them. The drawings from Robert Longo with sun bleached corals open a wave of new combination’s.

Bird on a wire | Leonard Cohen

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Plants on Paper

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taken from BibliOdyssey
Nikolaus Joseph (van) Jacquin (1727-1817) was a Dutch scientist who studied medicine, chemistry and botany in Leiden, Paris and, most notably, Vienna. As a regular visitor to the gardens at Schönbrunn Palace* in Vienna, Jacquin met the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and was invited to accompany a botanical collecting voyage to the Caribbean and Central America in the 1750s.

The four year expedition gave rise to Jacquin’s first botanical publication and brought him to the attention of the great Carl Linnaeus*, who became a life-long correspondent and friend of Jacquin. Linnaeus commented about that first Jacquin publication ['Enumeratio Systematica Plantarum' (1760)] on West Indian plants:

“I have seldom seen such a small booklet so rich in golden knowledge. I read it during the evening and could not sleep at night because I dreamed of your beautiful plants.”

Zamia integrifolia

Piper umbellatum

Ornithogalum caudatum

Phyllanthus speciosa

Arum helleoborifolium

True Romance

Rex Ray in the company of Elizabeth Peyton. Both contemporary modernists. When I watch Rex Ray his work there is a joy to it that is so fresh it makes me happy. Elizabeth Peyton is an artist who moves paint around like the rock stars she loves as her subjects. To me they both attack their craft with the passion of a person possessed. Just the way I like it.

Gōjin Ishihara – circa 1970’s

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Found here.  This work appeared in books apparently intended for children.

i should hate him – - but i don’t. i love him!

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Bacon and Spiders

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14 x 11 inches, collage by evan reehl ryer, 2010.

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