weird shit from my favorite new blog

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Thanks to nonlocal for the linkzzzz.

jump into lake

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Intended for the general public. Reads effortlessly.

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Be modern,

collectors, museums.

If you have old paintings,

do not despair.

Retain your memories

but detourn them

so that they correspond with your era.

Why reject the old

if one can modernize it

with a few strokes of the brush?

This casts a bit of contemporaneity

on your old culture.

Be up to date,

and distinguished

at the same time.

Painting is over.

You might as well finish it off.


Long live painting.

jeff koons must die…

Art, video — Evan @ March 29, 2011

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game from Hunter Jonakin on Vimeo.

lest we forget

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Betty Steps Out

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of course the diploma

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“One Paper can change everything. What do I mean? Of course the Diploma. It is no secret that the knowledge, skills and experience play a crucial role in getting the desired position, but despite the formality when applying for a job essential requirement is a diploma! At the moment receive a diploma is very expensive, takes time and power.”

spam via BradfordG

watching the hail earlier in the week

photography — Tags: — Evan @ March 25, 2011

Got caught in the hail on my ride home Tuesday, this was the view from the laundromat, all wet.

100 years ago today

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