Fort Madness

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Perhaps the captain of the Baalbeck did see, through the dense fog, the bizarre shape jutting out of the water in the Thames River estuary, but it was already too late to stop the engines. Traveling at full speed, the Swedish freighter slammed into a group of strange steel hulks. The accident happened about six kilometers off the east coast of England in the late afternoon of March 1, 1953. The steel structures were boxes the size of two-story apartment buildings, each of them perched on massive concrete piers and connected by walkways. Guns were mounted on the roofs.

When the fog lifted the next day, the scope of the catastrophe was clearly visible from the shore. The outline of the British Army’s damaged Nore Fort was visible on the horizon, but now it was missing two of its seven towers.

Full article and more photos

Kevin Ryan – cymatic images

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Kevin Ryan working with Sarah Lipstate aka “Noveller“, whose music from her new album “desert fires” was the sound source.  In his own words ‘low-tech’ -hand held camera and the other holding a plastic cup of water over a speaker.

more to come soon I hope!


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Scrathing Wall Art by Alexander Farto

Pierre’s drawing a day

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С любовью встретиться (Иван Васильевич меняет…)

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Russian to English translation
With love to meet – a difficult problem
The planet spins round and round
Planet flies away through a cluttered days
It is not easy, not easy to love her

Ringing the January blizzard and heavy rain lashed the elastic
And the stars are rushing around and noisy city
Do not people see each other, pass each other
People are losing each other
And then they find ever

And somewhere there is my love heart
Uniquely, forever, forever
Her long looking for, but in the rush days
It is not easy, not easy to meet with her

Ringing the January blizzard and showers lashed the elastic
And the stars are rushing around and noisy city
Do not people see each other, pass each other
People are losing each other
And then they find never, never
And then they find ever

thanks to Viktor.

Die Künstlergemeinschaft Brücke

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Arnold Schonberg

Boccioni: The Future on Bicycles

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Four studies for Dynamism of a Cyclist, 1913. Umberto Boccioni

1938 Almanca for New Yorkers

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full PDF here

yoko? is that you yoko?

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“Early in the winter of 1981 I went up to see my friend Ernie in New York City and to see my all time favorite band do their hit single, “Driver’s Seat.” I saw them, then I went over to see Ernie who is a coroner’s assistant; he works in the morgue of New York City. He’s a wild guy, man, does lots of cool drugs. I knocked on his door and sat down, I said “Ernie, man, how you doin’?” and we partied some, man. And we’re partyin’ and Ernie pulls these kernels out of nowhere and he says “You know what these are?” and I say “They look like Cracker Jacks” and he says, “They’re Cracker Jacks from the stomach of John Lennon!” And I went “Wow, man” and we both looked at them for a while. Then we partied some more and Ernie passed out. I was layin’ there man and I was thinking about it and I couldn’t get those Lennon kernels out of my mind. So I finally snuck over to where he put ‘em down and I… ate one. Then I ate another one, man. And suddenly… suddenly I felt really monstrously beautiful, man, and I just like, began to sing… “Driver’s seat… wooahwoah… Driver’s seat.”
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Nottingham’s Caves

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A team of archaeologists in Nottingham are using a 3D laser scanner to produce a three dimensional record of Nottingham’s caves

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