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This is a small selection of the many incredible images the Square America blog has to offer.  These were gleaned from the Square America gallery collection The Bar Mitzvah and Other Tales of Living in Stereo (Presented in Eye-Popping 3D!) which can be found at Square America.


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HEXAGONALL – movie posters

Design — Evan @ June 29, 2010

via Hexagonall

groggy monday’s cranky trip

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rose colored glasses

Movies, Sounds — Evan @ June 25, 2010

Korallreven – The Truest Faith from Sebastian Rozenberg on Vimeo.

Pumpkin Pencil – Dave Greber

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Colour Berlin

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Pictures by Matthias Heiderich via Behance Network

Martin Arnold

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Whole In Shadow

Pictures, Words — BradfordG @ June 22, 2010

He who in his shadow saw his soul, fleeting

In a river, bestride the dawdling cloud,

As men were known to think, once

Upon a strident, earnest time—

And I who see my soul, and ours,

In the whole of what’s around,

Can I be headed else

Than where some noble Indian—

According to his code, comported

All his life in line

For fear some heathen god

Would strike him down—landed

Finally one day,

Years and years past brushing close

With death whose reach he always just outstripped,

One morning smelling fate about him,

Unquicked for one half-instant, heaven-blest,

And was by creeping viper bit

Who slid along beside his grassy mattress,

And contented then, breathless

Let his shadow vanish under rock?

- D.Marsteller

Street Art is Gay?

Graffiti — Evan @

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